Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants


Cineplex Digital Media is your single source for in-restaurant digital communications. Offering digital menu boards, digital drive-thru and customized interactive solutions, we work diligently with our clients from strategy and technology, to creative, media and activation.


Solutions that drive business results 


Change pricing and promotions remotely across all restaurants   

Schedule content based on day parts to maximize menu board real estate   

Integrate with local store point-of-sale (POS) system   

Create a more modern environment for your customers

Reduce static menu board operational costs and eliminate translites   

Enhance guest experiences and reduce perceived wait times 




Maximize menu board real estate.

Customers shouldn’t have to read digital menu boards. Digital has the power to take customer eyes on a journey, offering inspiring new choices. Our Creative team understands Quick Service Restaurants - with a wide range of advertising and agency experience the team creates and continues to optimize in-store digital for our customers.


Access digital marketing programs from a single access point. 




Our FLEX platform enables franchisees to manage in-store digital marketing programs giving them maximum flexibility and more control. Quickly updated limited time offers, pricing, products and more from a single access point




Scalable solution for large complex networks.


The FLEX platform provides a secure, scalable, and reliable foundation for all of our Quick Service Restaurant clients. CDM works with some of the world’s largest brands and manages complex digital merchandising networks in 9 countries including the US, Canada and Europe.

Digital Merchandising


American Dairy Queen Association selected Cineplex Digital Media as the endorsed provider of in-store digital merchandising solutions for the DQ system in the U.S. and Canada. After an extensive RFP process with over 30 participants, Cineplex Digital Media was selected based on its experience in deployment and management of large, complex digital merchandising networks, in addition to the introduction of innovative solutions and operations.


Full Country Digital Menu Board Roll-out 


McDonald’s Canada entrusted Cineplex Digital Media with the rollout of a fully managed digital menu board solution in all of their restaurants. Cineplex Digital Media was the first digital merchandising vendor to be selected to participate in a full country roll-out, and have currently deployed digital menu board solutions to over 1,000 McDonald’s Restaurants across North America.


Digital Menu Boards & Tim's TV



Tim Hortons has entrusted Cineplex Digital Media for more than a decade with their most critical, tactical and strategic communications for the “moment of truth” for their guest experiences at the point of purchase.


Tim Hortons first partnered with Cineplex Digital Media in 2004 with the single screen program, expanding to a full digital menu board network in 2010 and again most recently with the launch of our dining room entertainment service branded TimsTV in over 2,200 locations.