BMO Financial Group Video Wall

BMO Financial Group, in partnership with Cineplex Digital Media, has installed a large video wall at its flagship location at First Canadian Place in downtown Toronto. 


The digital wall in the FCP concourse is a highly engaging and multi-sensory experience where BMO is bringing to life their brand promise of “We’re Here to Help” in a meaningful way. Made up of two video walls (15 55” screens per wall), passersby can use the video wall within the concourse to find key information about their commute. The hope is that in the 30 seconds or less that people pass by, they are inspired, curious, surprised and entertained, while finding BMO’s interesting trivia facts and tidbits, plus weather and train schedules, helpful to getting through their busy days.


The first creative piece featured on the video wall is titled ‘Inclusion.’ Created for PRIDE Month and designed by the CDM creative team, the piece is a celebration of diversity, inclusivity and acceptance. It depicts a story of an individual’s journey of growth and finding acceptance. The piece, which will be showcased from June 23rd through mid-July, further demonstrates BMO’s commitment to Pride and overall Diversity and Equality.


CDM played a key role in developing this digital strategy for BMO from solution development, installation and content strategy, to dayparting, creative strategy and content development.